Friday, March 20, 2009

Creating Social Media Plan Works Well

I came across an interesting read titled "Build a social media plan that never sleeps" on The article emphasizes several key issues which include:

- Brands need to change their approach to social media
- Customers expect an instant and public response to their issues
- Opening up a truly valuable dialogue

As I said, I found the article to be quite interesting, but I disagree with the title, "Build a social media plan that never sleeps." Nothing in the post really points out ways to build a successful social media campaign "that never sleeps." The article primarily focuses on the prominence of Twitter and improving communication. Also, the posting encourages brands to a) listen to consumers, b) be where customers are, and c) get to know people. I do not feel this is anything new. Almost every social media blogger feels companies should use social media to help improve customer service.

Overall, I found the posting to be a very good read. I found it rather intriguing that brands such as Papa John's are creating widgets for Facebook. The blogger, Reid Carr says, “Ahead of the curve, Papa John's launched a Facebook widget to allow users to place a pizza order right from Facebook.” Creating useful widgets is something each company should do.

I have to take my hat off to Papa John's for letting consumers order a pizza right from Facebook. I'm tempted to give the Widget a try. But I'll be truly impressed when I order it over Twitter!