Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reaching Out To Customers

Companies are learning that mass marketing techniques are not as effective as they use to be. Companies can no longer run a television ad and expect people to react.

Companies are beginning to use email blasts, interactive games and viral marketing campaigns designed specifically to reach small market segments. Companies are doing this by using non-traditional means of advertising, starting company blogs to interact with customers and creating podcasts for consumers to view.

Companies such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express have created websites specifically designed to generated buzz (See Below). MasterCard has used its website to promote an interactive ad campaign. Interestingly, it is one of the most successful campaigns from a major credit card company.

Credit Card Campaign Websites:
MasterCard -
Visa -
American Express -

Many advertisers also release press releases in the form of RSS feeds to reach key influencers in an attempt to get them to write about their products and services. The blogosphere is proving to be a very active community. Blogs are very easy for individuals to set up and update. Additionally, information can be passed along by bloggers very quickly. The very nature of blogging makes it an excellent resource to create viral campaigns.

Companies are also finding out that video is becoming a popular medium of choice by consumers. People are submitting home video and company commercial clips at sites such as and

One thing is for sure; companies must find new ways to reach out to their customers. How will you reach yours?

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