Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Study Says 93% of Americans Consult Colleagues Before Buying

Advertising Age reports that reaching consumers at work could be next great frontier.

While I do feel Americans consult colleagues before buying, I'm not sure the percentage is as high as 93%. Additionally, what exactly are Americans consulting colleagues for? For instance, I find myself consulting with other people before buying technology devices (e.g. new cell phone, new media device, etc...). Occasionally, I'll seek advice regarding the best restaurant to visit over the weekend. I did seek other's opinions about presidential candidates, but I combined those opinions with my own research. I find myself taking a similar approach looking into company's products and services. I'll ask friends and colleagues for their opinions on a brand or product, research it further on my own and make my own decision.

Who do you ask and how do you ultimately decide what to buy?

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