Tuesday, June 27, 2006

YouTube On The Rise

YouTube.com is gaining popularity. Traffic has picked up since being mentioned on the influential techie site Slashdot.com. Millions of people make and view home made videos everyday. Videos can be uploaded easily from computer and cell phone. However, media companies such as NBC and CNN question site content. Many people record television episodes and sporting events to post them on YouTube for the world to see. YouTube tries to filter out questionable content. In fact, it informed NBC that a Saturday Night Live skit dubbed "Lazy Sunday" appeared on YouTube. Videos of copyrighted material may turn out to be a big problem for YouTube to monitor. However, upcoming movies and television series feel YouTube is an excellent way to generate buzz by posting clips. YouTube intends to find ways to make the site more profitable by selling ad space. However, it is against "preroll" advertisements which load at the beginning of videos.

Delaney, Kevin J. "With NBC Pact, YouTube Site Tries to Build a Lasting Business." Wall Street Journal. Page A1. Tuesday, June 27, 2006.

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