Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New England Patriots SpyGate Video on YouTube

The video shown above posted on September 15, 2007 and already has 96,000+ views. This is clearly an example of a video gone viral. In addition, overall buzz about the New England Patriots has risen significantly since news outlets released information about the New England Patriots stealing signals during its season opener against the New York Jets.


Scott said...

Haha this video is great! Good for National for jumping on this hot topic.

you've probably seen this one, but damn was that viral. The article says he is getting his own TV show from it haha. Just goes to show how todays news is someone elses big break with social media :)

Anonymous said...

When it shows the play [Free Fire] you can easily see that that screen is from a next-gen Madden 08video game! Seriously guys. The guy who made that video used a mix of the feed from CBS and a screenshot from Madden! O M G

MarketRMan said...

I know it was a feed from Madden, but it still an impressive video.