Monday, June 14, 2010

Businesses Look for Ways to Reward Customers using Foursquare

Foursquare is an emerging social media tool businesses are trying to figure out. Two popular ways businesses can leverage Foursquare include monitoring "check ins" and tracking consumers who are awarded the title of "mayor."

There has been some recent skepticism over best practices for taking advantage of Foursquare, especially in terms of rewarding the "mayor."

Unfortunately, only one person can be awarded the title of "mayor" for a particular location at a time. Rewarding the "mayor" of a particular establishment limits the benefits associated with other customers who "check in" frequently. Fortunately, some companies are looking beyond only rewarding the "mayor" of their business though. Many businesses are utilizing Foursquare by rewarding as many customers as possible. This is accomplished by offering discounts to all consumers "checking in." For example, some local restaurants are promoting happy hour discounts for all customers who "check in" between certain hours (e.g., 1PM - 3PM) versus simply rewarding the "mayor."

Do you have any other great ideas about ways businesses can use Foursquare? Feel free to leave a question or comment regarding your experiences marketing through Foursquare.

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