Sunday, May 27, 2007

Companies Focus on Being "Eco-Friendly"

Environmental discssion is on the rise as more consumers become concerned about the environment. It is important for marketers to know if consumers view them as an "Eco-friendly" company. Companies associated with environmental protection give consumers another reason to do business with them. The chart below provides a breakout showing companies mentioned most within "Eco-friendly" and sustainability discussion.

Wal-Mart comes up most frequently among corporations within sustainability discussion. Recent discussion regarding Wal-Mart and the environment relates to it announcing their plans of having their whole operations powered by energy from the sun and other renewable sources of power. Toyota and Lexus are the only Automotive brands mentioned within the Top 10, and are generally perceived as positive in this light.

The trend chart below shows increasing discussion about Wal-Mart's initiative to use more solar power.

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