Monday, May 14, 2007

What triggers conversation? What can you control?

It is the goal of every marketer to find out what works? Which marketing initiatives trigger consumers to use your product? What things do you as a marketer have control over? The picture above shows a variety of weapons that marketers have at their disposal. Some generate high consumer acceptance, but you as a marketer have little control over them. Complaint feeback sites, boards / forums and consumer blogs are all examples of things that put consumers in control. They may talk about your product freely and there is little that a marketer can do. However, I'm not saying that all hope is lost. Marketers do have a lot of control over their brands' website, customer service, paid search and adding a human touch.

The graph below illustrates consumers' overall level of trust. As you can see, consumers tend to trust one another. Interesting, consumers also show a high level of trust toward brand websites. This is also one of the key areas that marketers have control over. Therefore, a key component of any marketing strategy should be make sure a brand website is constantly updated with the most recent information. Additionally, a brand website may be used as a launching pad to engage and interact with current or potential customers.

Pete Blackshaw provides a great example about how Volkswagen leverages its website by allowing consumers to find what they need. Look for the post titled "Where Do You Want to Drive (On Our Brand Search Engine) Today?" You can also find it through Technorati Tags: cgm, naked, noah breyer, search, volkswagon

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