Sunday, June 03, 2007

Up-Branding Has Become Mainstream

I came across an interesting article about "Up-Branding" at Ad Age. There article argues that Up-Branding has become a very common theme among companies and products trying to build brand equity. The articles offers several suggestions to marketers who want to "Up-Brand" their products. They are listed below.

Tips For "Up-Branding"

1. Limiting distribution channels
2. Focusing on small indulgences (i.e. Starbucks targeting consumers looking for premium coffee products).
3. Play from your brands strengths
4. Leverage design
5. Give your brand a "green" label

Personally, I feel some of these ideas are great for "Up-branding," but marketers must be careful how they incorporate them into their marketing strategy. For example, the article at Ad Age mentions playing from your brands strengths. It uses Crest Vivid White. The author, Allen Adamson, says "Crest, for example, has always been associated with a beautiful, healthy smile. Its up-branded product, Crest Vivid White, builds on this well-known brand association by adding whiteness to the beautiful, healthy equation." However, it is important to make sure a brand does not become diluted.

Starbucks is a brand that is suffering from brand dilution. You can find more information about Starbucks' brand dilution at Brand Autopsy.

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