Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Spoof

Hillary Clinton's latest video is a teaser encouraging voters to go to Hillary Clinton's website to see which song she will be using for her campaign.

I find this ending to be similar, yet better than the last episode of Sopranos. The commercial goes blank at the very end, then text appears encouraging voters find out the winning song by visiting her website. I wonder if the final episode of Sopranos would have went over better with viewers had its producers created a special website encouraging viewers to visit it for more details. Instead, the screen went blank during the final episode of Sopranos. This caused millions of viewers to search for their remote controls or call their cable/satellite providers to may sure there were no technical difficulties.

Personally, I feel Hillary Clinton does a great job taking a page out of the Sopranos book and improving it for this teaser video. It posted on June 19, 2007 and has more than 86,000 views and 340 comments.

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