Monday, December 17, 2007

How Does the Mitchell Report Affects Marketers?

U.S. Senator George Mitchell released the Mitchell Report December 13, 2007 which covers the history of illegal drug use in Major League Baseball (MLB).

The release of the Mitchell Report led me to do some research about its implications on sports marketers. However, I feel the impact will be minimal. Short of Roger Clemens, I don't think any of the star players listed where any surprise. Miguel Tejada, maybe? Barry Bonds, no surprise here. Additionally, anyone who has followed baseball over the past 2-3 years is very much aware of the steroid allegations toward many of baseballs superstars.

Baseball has survived scandal before (i.e. 1919 World Series). However, each blow becomes worse and worse. I hope MLB works to get things right and I think it will. I love going to a baseball game, drinking a cold beer and seeing the different ways in which brands reach out to sports fans.

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