Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Are The Most Influential Financial Sites?

Have you ever wondered where to find really good financial information online, specifically for purposes of banking and investing? Have you ever gone through a negative experience interacting with a bank, but did not know where to go or who to talk to in person or online? Well, I think I can help. I recently used a combination of metrics (i.e. inbound links, traffic rankings, etc...) to rank financial sites. In fact, I have been able to rank more than 80 financial sites using my methodology. Unfortunately, I will only list the top ten financial sites. However, feel free to contact me if you wish to see the "big list."

Top Ten Financial Sites:


Why do these sites matter to consumers? These sites are places where consumers meet to discuss financial products and services and investing. Consumers discuss a variety of issues including credit reporting tactics, credit card interest rates, rewards and provide information about which banks offer the highest yields on savings accounts. Additionally, some sites cover higher level topics such as the sub-prime meltdown.

Why do these sites matter to financial marketers? These sites should be on the radar of every financial company in the United States, if not the world. Consumers visting these sites often talk about which brands offer the best products and services. And it should be important for every marketer and customer service manager working for a financial institution to know what consumers are saying about their business.

Marketing executives and customer service managers should make a point to find out which people are moderating discussion and communicate with influential consumers posting on these sites. Additionally, marketing executives and customer service managers should make a point to reach help and help resolve issues deriving from consumers complaining about their business in leading financial forums and blogs, especially since consumers discussing negative experiences on these sites may be heard loud and clear by others.

I hope this brief list of leading financial sites helps. I'll try generate a few lists highlighting leading sites for other topics such as environmentalism, automotive and technology in the future. Also, feel free to leave a message letting me know if I left out a site that should be in the top ten for financial discussion. Unfortunately, I have limited resources so I apologize if I left out a major site which should be listed higher.

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