Monday, December 31, 2007

The state of the Wii - 24c3

I found an interesting video on YouTube regarding the Nintendo Wii. It posted on December 28, 2007 and currently has more than 163,000 views. Additionally, the video has clearly impacted overall buzz for the Nintendo Wii.

(Double Click to Enlarge Video Game Console Buzz Trend)

I do not think Nintendo released this video. Simply looking at video tags reveals words such as Wii, hacking, hack, hacked and exploit. This leads me to believe that someone is trying to crack into the code of the Nintendo Wii. Additionally, the guest speaker is somewhat negative toward the Wii at the beginning. The author feels Nintendo made some smart decisions by improving the processor and adding bluetooth, but says the Wii is just an improved GameCube. Additionally, the speaker criticizes the fact that the Nintendo Wii lacks an encrypted memory scheme.

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with game programming code, therefore, I am asking others get me up to speed on this topic. However, it is definitely impacting Nintendo Wii buzz positively and negatively, especially as it relates to the Wii lacking encrypted memory.

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