Sunday, December 16, 2007

Social Networking...No Longer Just for Teens

I came across an interesting article at about skepticism regarding the popular social networking site, Facebook. Venture capitalists have found out that it's not easy advertising to the social networking crowd.

This week, eMarketer published a study that forecasts that social networking advertising is expected to reach $4 billion by 2011 (on a global basis). Something else: eMarketer thinks that about half of all online adults will be on social networks by 2011. The author, Tim Taulli, disagrees. While he feels teens will remain avid on social networking sites, he goes on to say, "But, adults have other things to do besides social networking (such as making a living, taking care of kids, and so on). In other words, if eMarketer is counting on adults for social networking riches, it might want to think again."

Personally, I agree with Tim. Also, even if adults have an account with a social networking site, how often will they visit the page and update it or look around. I had a Facebook account, but canceled it since I never visited the page. Also, I have a MySpace, but I'm lucky to update it once a month. Unfortunately, I have more important things to do than focus on MySpace, like updating my marketing blog.

I do feel that social networks sites such as Facebook will continue to grow, but I do not feel half of all online adults will be on social networks by 2011. And even if they are on a social networking sites, marketers must still find out how active adults are before committing millions of dollars to reaching someone who may only be there part-time.

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