Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Retailers MicroBlog to Reach Customers

Retailers increasingly are using text-message alerts to keep their customers informed about sales and special events, while online retailers are using microblogging site Twitter to alert shoppers to deals. Gap, Target, Sears Holdings and Amazon.com have launched wireless-outreach programs this year.

Source: Wall Street Journal


Scott Scheper said...

You may want to check out Yonkly. It's the first niche microblogging platform that integrates with Twitter.


MarketRMan said...

Thanks for the update. I will check this out.

richard cook said...

Check out http://cyn.in

I think you will like it.

Microblogging for businesses with a slick desktop AIR client.

MarketRMan said...

You guys are just full of good suggestions! I'll check on these over the weekend and report on them next week.

MarketRMan said...

Sorry, busy weekend. I couldn't get to these sites, but they are on my list of "things to do."