Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fidelity Investments Becoming More Innovative

Have you visited Fidelity's homepage lately? Well, I'm here to inform you to take a look at it. Fidelity is doing a great job of differentiating themselves from competitors such as Vanguard, E*Trade, TD Ameritrade and Scwhab.

It is becoming a very innovative financial brokerage. Many e-brokerages show their innovative side by releasing a new charting services. However, Fidelity is going a few steps beyond offering charts. It is making podcasts discussing market trends, investment strategies, and personal finance availabe to consumers regardless whether they invest with Fidelity or not. In addition, it offers text alerts, and a neat Market Monitor Widget. These are just a few of the great things Fidelity is doing to differentiate its product in the mind of consumers. Might I add that it is more important now than ever before that Fidelity be on top of their game.

Bank of America began offering 30 free online trades on October 11, 2006. Fidelity may find itself in the middle of a brokerage price war if it fails to position itself effectively. However, it is taking a step in the right direction finding creative ways to add value through technology.

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