Saturday, December 30, 2006

Intel Multiplies Inside

Intel has purchased the rights to use Time Square's bookend video billboards for its 'Multiply' campaign which goes through January 7, 2007. Intel's goal is to have people upload photos of themselves. Each persons' photo will show as one image, then mulitply into many smaller ones.

"'Multiply' is now our overall campaign for all we do at Intel," said Thom Campbell, Intel senior media manager. "Our mission is to manifest 'multiply' in media."

The term 'Multiply'is used to describe Intel's new processing architecture, the Core brand. Intel plans to use creative media solutions to advertise its brand. Mr. Campbell said. "We're pushing creativity with media; it's really in the forefront now of what we're doing." It is generating good traffic thus far.

Source: Adage

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