Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm Not Thinking Arby's...I'm Thinking Online Video Contest

Here is a commercial that Arby's has been running for quite a while. I like Arby's slogan, "I'm thinking Arby's." However, I'm not that impressed with this commercial. The sheer fact that three adult men (construction workers) would pass on a hot model for curly fries and a drink is wrong! Also, why are the construction workers slacking on the job. Perhaps they are already on lunch. However, they should just go directly to Arby's if that's the case.

I feel a better ending to this commercial should show the three men exiting an Arby's restaurant with their food. Arby's can illustrate its point even better if they used this alternative ending to this commercial.

I noticed a few consumer videos created by consumers about Arby's on YouTube. Arby's slogan is not all that bad. In fact, it could be more viral in nature if they take the correct course of action. I think Arby's could capitalize on an "I'm thinking Arby's" online video contest. Arby's could offer prizes to consumers posting the best video's about their experiences thinking about Arby's. This would be a great way for Arby's to be one up on the burger chains.

There are three ways Arby's could do this. They could have consumers submit videos on YouTube, to their corporate office, or create a website (i.e. similar to Coke) where consumers can submit creative content related to their experiences with Arby's. However, Arby's would need to be opened minded about such a contest since. Customers who have had bad experiences with Arby's would likely view take advantage of the contest to voice their opinion.

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