Friday, December 22, 2006

Is Enterprise Creating a New Image?

Enterprise has gone through a series of recent marketing initiatives such as offering exotic cars, introducing a new logo and expanding its market at airports. But why is Enterprise introducing all these new ideas? Is Enterprise trying to reposition itself or take a different marketing strategy? I am currently trying to figure out why it is doing this.

Hertz introduced a variety of collection cars (i.e Fun Collection, Prestige Collection) which received a considerable amount of buzz. Hertz's offering of a Shelby Mustang GT-H has received a lot of discussion from bloggers and automotive experts. The unique car rental offerings are positioned to attract the "weekend traveler" looking for something different to drive.

Interestingly, Enterprise has began offering Lotus Elises at select locations. This may prove to be a great alternative to some of Hertz's options. In addition, offering a line of exotic and exciting cars to rent will be a great way for Enterprise to fight back at Hertz which has been expanding rental locations in many residential areas. This is important because Enterprise has long held its position in residential areas renting cars to individuals. However, it has recently decided to focus on expanding its product offerings at airports. Airports have been Hertz's primary place for conducting business.

Enterprise deserves recognition for a job well done. In fact, it has done quite well servicing its customers at airports. It received a customer service award from J.D. Powers due to providing outstanding customer service at airport locations.

Below is Enterprise's new logo.

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