Monday, April 02, 2007

Finding Consumers to Build Your Ads

The Doritos "Crash the SuperBowl" is being referenced as a turning point in the evolution of consumer generated ads. The popularity of the campaign proved to be a huge success for Doritos. This has led to several companies such as XLNTads to pop-up. XLNTads is a company which helps companies find consumers who want to produce ads. Neil Perry, CEO of XLNTads said, "The average cost of a Super Bowl spot was $350,00" . "Some auto manufacturers spend $600,000 to $650,000 to do a single campaign. We say take that same amount of money, pay $20,000 [for creative], and that leaves you more to reinvest in media, in delivering the message."

XLNTads brings brands and their loyal consumers together for creative collaboration in a very unique way. It gives brands a quick and cost effective way to take advantage of tapping into consumers' knowledge. Also, it is a creative way for marketers to interact with consumers.

The consumer is in control. Time Magazine's Person of the Year: You; Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer. Marketers are on a mission to get closer to their customers. Consumers want to share thoughts and emotions about what a brand means to them. How do you satisfy both needs? Interacting with consumers via Consumer-Generated Advertising (CGA) and monitoring consumers opinions in the blogosphere via Consumer Generated Media (CGM) are two great ways to interact with consumers.

The evolution of marketing is becoming ever changing. Brands can no longer run an ad and expect consumers to flock to stores to by its products. Consumers continue to show interest in interacting with brands they use. They want to use products and provide feedback. Consumers want to be heard. They want to have a say. In essence, they want to live the products or brands they use.

It is very easy for consumers to make videos and post them online. Therefore, it is important for companies to interact with customers. It is much better for a company to interact with consumers in hope that they may create positive video content instead of ignoring customers and having them post negative content about a product or brand.

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