Thursday, April 19, 2007

NASCAR Wearing the Virginia Tech Logo

NASCAR paid tribute Virginia Tech victims by displaying its logo on the cars during Saturday night's Subway Fresh Fit 500. NASCAR quickly obtained the logo to pass out to all teams. Director of Series Operations David Finley said, "We'll hand them out to all the teams ASAP," "We are trying to create awareness and exposure to the funds being put together for the victims' families."

I like the idea of NASCAR paying tribute to Virginia Tech victims' families, but I feel displaying the logo is the wrong way to do it. NASCAR could have easily had a moment of silence to honor Virginia Tech victims and their families. I didn't see Major League Baseball (MLB) or the National Hockey League (NHL) using the tragic incident to promote their sport. Personally, I feel NASCAR is using the effort to help boost low ratings. Nate Ryan from USA Today reported "Ratings are down 11% for the first seven Nextel Cup Series races this season..." The article is titled "NASCAR officials refuse to panic as ratings drop". However, I think displaying the Virginia Tech logo may in fact be a sign that NASCAR officials are worried. Hopefully I am wrong.

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