Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Z-List Experiment - Will Ford, Pepsi or T-Mobile Contact Me? How Long Will It Take?

I'm disappointed to say that I haven't heard from Ford or Pepsi at this point. I have clearly stated that I am a customer of theirs. Unfortunately, I am still waiting to hear from them.

I am a huge proponent of Ford. I currently own a 2007 Ford Focus and a 2006 Ford Explorer. Also, I post frequently at Focus Fanatics. I know that Ford monitors the blogosphere for insights. Therefore, I hope they come across my blog or review my posts at Focus Fanatics.

Pepsi has failed to reach out to me also. My wife and I are avid Pepsi drinkers. We've had several positive experiences interacting with Pepsi as well. I wrote about one of those positive experiences in a previous post.

Now I must admit that my wife and I switched phone providers recently. Verizon was originally on my Z-List of companies that I wanted to contact me. However, we are no longer with them. We don't have anything against Verizon, but we were able to get a better plan through T-Mobile. Therefore, I will remove Verizon from the list of companies that I want to contact me. Instead, I will replace it with T-Mobile.

My list is complete for the time being. I do switch brands occasionally depending on where I can find the best deal. My experiment is to be continued. I will may sure to keep everyone up to date on how long it takes me to hear from Ford, Pepsi or T-Mobile.

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