Thursday, April 05, 2007

What Would Bronson Arroyo Twitter?

I'm following up to a post at Kevin Green's Blog. Kevin is asking several bloggers to fill in the blank for "What Would ________ Twitter?" I thought I'd respond by saying what Bronson Arroyo would Twitter. Kevin is a proud member of Red Sox nation but I have to remind him that they got the raw end of a bad deal when they traded for Willy Mo Pena. I'm going to list the top ten things that Bronson Arroyo would Twitter.

Well here I go.

10. I struck out 9 Chicago Cubs during my first game of the 2007 season. What did Willy Mo Pena do? What, you can't answer that...exactly...nothing.

9. Theo Epstein isn't the only good GM in major league baseball.

8. I have the one of the best curve balls in baseball.

7. The Red Sox passed up on this "hometown discount."

6. I had almost as many homeruns in 2006 as Willy Mo Pena. I'm a pitcher!

5. I can play a guitar as good as I can pitch a ball.

4. I really can pitch...and my All-Star appearance in 2006 proves it.

3. I like it here in the Nasty Nati'. I'm just another one of the Nasty Boys.

2. The Red Sox haven't been to a World Series since I left. The Patriots haven't been to a Super Bowl either.

1. I'm a proud member of Reds nation. Harang and I will take on Schilling and Dice-K anytime and anywhere.

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Kevin Green said...

Now that's just not right! : ) Besides...he's pitching in the B league now...everyone knows the AL is where the real professionals are. As for Arroyo... you guys can keep him... we've got Dice K and a pitcher who blogs!!