Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Marketers Shift Focus to Communicate with Consumers Online

Advertising Age has an interesting post illustrating how marketers are beginning to use social media as an opportunity to create dialogue with consumers. Interestingly, this article directly reflects some of the information I'm reading in Beyond Buzz by Lois Kelly.

In a nutshell, Kelly highlights the importance marketers to listen and act on consumers concerns. Additionally, she stresses the importance of engaging in online discussion with consumers.

Many marketers complain that it is impossible to control what is being said about them. However, marketers can join in on the conversation. Many brands such as Haagen-Dazs, Doritos and Heinz are engaging consumers to participate by supplying marketing ideas and themes.

Overall, I feel Doritos has probably doing the best job, although I'm not to crazy about their new 2008 Super Bowl contest where they are seeking new music talent. I thought the 2007 Super Bowl contest allowing consumers to submit potential Super Bowl commercials was a much better approach given that the Super Bowl is a primetime event for brands to show their marketing genius.

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