Sunday, January 27, 2008

Top Ten NFL Teams Discussed Online in 2007 --- Just-in-Time for the Super Bowl

Below is a list of the top 10 Most-Discussed NFL Teams in 2007. Key drivers of each teams' discussion are provided.

Top Discussion Drivers of 2007

1. New England Patriots
Spying scandal, undefeated regular season

2. Dallas Cowboys
NFL Network coverage of Dallas Cowboys vs.Green Bay Packers game on 11/29/2007, Terrell Owens blaming QB Tony Romo's girlfriend Jessica Simpson for loss

3. Chicago Bears
Defeated in Super Bowl XLI by the Indianapolis Colts

4. Miami Dolphins
1-15 record in 2007, played in Wembley Stadium in the UK on 10/28/2007

5. Indianapolis Colts
Champions of Super Bowl XLI, lost to the New England Patriots in Week 9

6. Washington Redskins
Murder of player Sean Taylor

7. Green Bay Packers
NFL Network coverage of Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers game on 11/29/2007

8. Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Anthony Smith guarantees a win against |the New England Patriots

9. Atlanta Falcons
Michael Vick's legal problems with dog fighting, coach Bobby Petrino leaving

10. Cleveland Brown
A surprisingly successful season for the Browns

Source: Nielsen Online

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