Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blockbuster Versus Netflix

Blockbuster has begun to use a comparative advertising strategy to show consumers that it offers more value than Netflix. Advertising in which a competing product is identified and compared unfavorably with the advertiser's product is known as comparative advertising. Blockbuster does this successfully in its newest television ad.

Blockbuster promotes its new "Total Access" rental program in its newest commercial which aired recently. Blockbuster differentiates itself from Netflix by letting customers know they can return their videos to a Blockbuster store instead of waiting to receive a new video through mail. Blockbuster has nearly 6,000 worldwide locations where customers may return a movie and get a new one.

I would have to compare Blockbuster's marketing strategy to that of Bank of America. Both are behemoths is their respective industries. Bank of America recently initiated 30 free online trades for investors with over $25,000 in FDIC products at Bank of America. This offer initially sent shockwaves through the financial industry. Likewise, Blockbuster is taking advantage of its position as an industry leader to stamp out its competition.

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