Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visa's FanWithAPlan Website

Here is a neat website which Visa is sponsoring to help fans prepare for trips. It is definitely geared toward the sport enthusiast. The site provides a currency converter, ATM Cash Locater, and information about special offers. The site is intended to keep fans up-to-date on the hottest destinations around the world as well as major sporting events.

While I like the idea behind the site, I feel there are a few things Visa can do to better it in terms of site navigation and promotion. First, Visa needs to put a search feature on the site. I had some difficulty navigating pages. I had trouble confirming that I was looking at the right information. A good search feature will help consumers find things on the site more easily. Second, Visa does not have a link on its homepage. Visa consistently comes up with good ideas (i.e. and However, these efforts may be further noticed if links were placed on Visa's homepage. Third, a guy appears and blows a whistle when the page loads. He wears a red jacket. Personally, I think Visa should place their logo on the red jacket. The guy appears around center of the page. The whistle blow quickly draws your attention to him. Visa has an excellent opportunity to get visibility by placing its logo on the red jacket.
Well these are my suggestions. Feel free to visit the site and make your own conclusions.

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