Thursday, January 18, 2007

K-Fed To Appear In Nationwide's Superbowl Ad

Nationwide Mutual Insurance will feature Kevin Federline in its Super Bowl spot this year. Meanwhile, his soon to be EX-Wife Britney Spears is reportedly banned from appearing in a Superbowl Ad.

Reported incidents about failing to wear panties and nights out on the town with Paris Hilton have lead to negative perceptions about Britney Spears. Additionally, recent events have negatively impacted her reputation as an entertainer and her ability to promote products and brands for major companies.

The graph featured below highlights buzz levels in the blogosphere. It sights several reasons for increase in buzz about Britney Spears and K-Fed over the past six months. Despite receiving less discussion, most marketers currently find K-Fed more marketable than Britney Spears. This may be due to the fact K-Fed has done a good job distancing himself from Britney, especially when she commited actions which others questioned. Also, K-Fed has been quietly working on his career and staying out of trouble. He appeared on an episode of CSI, and performed at the Teen Choice Awards in August 2006. Additionally, he got bodyslammed by WWE wresting star Jon Cena in October 2006.

It looks like Kevin Federline may be well on the way to improving his Q-Score. Way to go K-Fed!

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