Sunday, January 14, 2007

Improving Blog Rankings

I'm interested in increasing awareness and traffic for my blog. Therefore, I'm searching for blogs with relevant postings about how to promote awareness and increase traffic. I came across a great posting by Ruben at BlogMoneyMakingMachine.

Ruben highlights several ideas for increasing traffic to your blog. Some of the following include:

1. Publishing full feeds
2. Join a blog carnival or network
3. Join Blogburst
4. Submit to Google Sitemaps
5. Get listed in a news aggregator
6. Make friends with other bloggers
7. Guest blog
8. Network in person
9. Cross promote
10.Use social media outlets (i.e. Myspace, Livejournal, Facebook).
11.Become and expert at something

I'm relatively new to this whole blogging thing. I graduated from college July 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Northern Kentucky Unviersity. I am by no means an expert at marketing. However, I have been trying to put a posting of some sort each day on my blog, even if its as simple as a video from YouTube with some text. Additionally, I do track viewership via
Google Analytics. I'm happy to say my viewership totals have increased significantly since I started posting each day.

I feel some of the suggestions Ruben notes are worthy of improvising. I'll make sure to keep everyone up to date. Meanwhile, feel free to leave other suggestions about how I may increase traffic to this site.


David Meerman Scott said...


Some things that I would suggest based on checking out your blog:

> Create original posts. While it is nice to point to things you see on other blogs and YouTube and whatnot - what do YOU think. What's your take on the marketing world?
> It's not just about tricks like link sharing. It is about great content.
> Why do you call yourself "MarketRMan" rather than your real name? People read blogs from real people.
>Tell us who you are and why you are blogging. Your "about me" page doesn't say much. People read blogs from real people. If you don't have much about yourself in your profile, people may think you don't care or are hiding something.
> Consider making your blog a specialist in a defined niche rather than the broad field of Marketing.
> The huge ad you have for the Katrina fund, while thoughtful, has nothing at all to do with your blog. Yes it is a nice community thing, but it doesn't help your blog drive traffic. When I first linked to your blog I thought you were writing a hurricane blog.

Good luck, David

MarketRMan said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure to update my profile and try to take a more defined approach to topics that I cover. By the way, MarketRMan stands for Market Research Man. I use this name since I currently work for a market research company.

Kevin said...

Great suggestions here and also some good tips in other comments. I think you are on the right track, but as we all know, blogs about Marketing or Web 2.0 are a dime a dozen. I struggle with traffic myself, but have instituted a lot of these suggestions and not seen much traction. I am working on a way to distinguish myself from everybody else.

MarketRMan said...

Thanks for the feedback. At least I know I'm in the same boat as many other bloggers looking to improve traffic. My goal now is to focus on market research topics as they relate to companies marketing goals/objectives.