Saturday, March 31, 2007

2008 Presidential Social Media Study

I know it seems a little funny to be reading election coverage on a marketing blog. However, I feel that similar principles apply to promoting candidate elected as to marketing a product or brand. You are looking to get the word out in both instances. Additionally, you want to persuade consumers/voters to choose a particular candidate, product or brand.

I find the topic of Consumer Generated Media (CGM) to be fascinating. I see the impact that social media has on brands and products. I believe it will have the same impact on voters' perceptions of candidates in the 2008 presidential election.

Therefore, I plan to begin track buzz levels throughout the primary elections. I will post findings frequently and see if I can predict who will the majority vote for each party before going on to seek the presidency. Make sure to read and stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I came across a company in San Francisco that provides social media services like you posted. Fascinating work...I think the company is called Confluence Media.

MarketRMan said...

There are several companies that monitor CGM in the U.S. It is defintitely a growing area of concern for companies to track.