Saturday, March 10, 2007

Girl Gamers On The Rise

I came across a post at Adage about girl gamers being on the rise. The posting referenced the fact that two-thirds of all guys aged 18 to 34 have access to a video-game console in their home and three out of four boys aged 2 to 11 played on a video-game console for at least a minute during fourth quarter. But so did half of all teenage girls, according to the latest figures from Nielsen's "State of the Console" report.

The author of the article, Abbey Klaassen, states that the popularity of video game consoles among the female segment is due to its capability of being a multi-media entertainment hub. Many video game fanatics use their consoles to watch movies and play music, in addition to playing video games. The article also references research results which show an increase in T.V. and game play. Overall, T.V. viewership peaks around 9 P.M. while game play peaks around 10 P.M.

The rise in the popularity of gaming systems may be due to their ability to be an entertainment hub. "Seeing the amount of reach gaming has in teenage girls and women 18-34 is pretty impressive," said Nick Covey, marketing analytics and development manager at Nielsen Gameplay Metrics. "Part of that might represent the increasingly multimedia use [of the gaming console]." As a sign the gaming console is beginning to be seen as more of an entertainment hub, the report said more than half of console owners consider their DVD-equipped gaming system to be a DVD player.

Gaming consoles have seemingly followed a similar path to that of cell phones. Cell phone providers have been coming out with newer versions incorporating features to play music, games, videos, T.V. shows and access the internet over the past few years. Likewise, video game consoles in the future may be required to provide capabilities allow consumers to connect to the internet, download music and videos, and communicate with other consumers. Consoles such as Xbox and Playstation currently allow gamers to play online. However, they do not allow gamers to fully interact online.

The following graph shows discussion trends for video game consoles. The Nintendo Wii has been receiving the most buzz as of recently.

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