Friday, March 30, 2007

Prominent People are Featured in the Blogosphere; Are You One of Them?

I came across a pretty cool tool at BlogPulse
that lets you see which people or celebrities are being talked about most in the blogosphere. The first column shows which people have been talked about most consistently over time while the second column shows who is talked about the most on a particular day. Overall, President Bush and Harry Potter garner a lot of discussion. Hillary Clinton and John McCain receive the most discussion among 2008 presidential candidates. Every now and then, certain people will bubble up to the top of the lists depending on what is going on in the world. For instance, Kathy Sierra has been talked about a lot over the past week since receiving death threats. Interestingly, Harry Potter is actually talked about more than President Bush on some days.

A tool like this may be useful for companies are presidential hopefuls alike. For example, the director of a television show could see if there is any buzz about a particular actor/actress or character. Also, a marketer or public relations spokesperson for a company can use this type of analysis to see if consumers are talking about any of its top level executives. Furthermore, presidential candidates may want to follow discussion patterns to see who has the most buzz.

Some of the tools such at BlogPulse make it easy for people to see which celebrities or people are being talked about the most in the blogosphere. So the next question to find out is whether one of them is YOU!

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