Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Z List Experiment - Will Ford, Pepsi or Verizon Contact Me?

I'm really liking this Z List experiment that my buddy Kevin Green is doing over at Socially Adept. I encourage everyone to go read up on it at his blog. He is trying to see how long it will take corporate companies such as Coke, Under Armour and Volvo to reach out to him. He has specifically mentioned that he uses their products and wants to see if they have any interest in contacting him. I really like Kevin's "go get it" attitude when comes to interacting with businesses. I will be eager to see if Coke, Under Armour or Volvo contact him, despite identifying himself as a ZZ blogger.

I understand how Kevin feels in regards to being a ZZ blogger since I only get several hundred views a month on my blog. I track my blog viewership using Google Analytics. Some of my goals including increasing viewership and links to my blog. I have time and patience on my side. However, I am interested seeing how long it will take companies to contact me. Kevin is targeting Coke, Under Armour and Volvo; I am looking at Ford, Pepsi and Verizon Wireless.

I want to see if Ford is interested in what I have to say. I've never owned an import. I've always been a huge fan of Ford. The first car I ever owned was a 1984 Merkur XR4Ti. I will admit that it had some problems. It wasn't the best car for me to buy right after high school. I found it to be rather expensive to maintain and I only worked part-time while going to college. Needless to say, I only had my Merkur for seven months before trading it in for a 1996 Ranger. I loved the Merkur; I hope to get another one in the future when I am in a better financial situation.

I feel that I am doing my part to keep Ford in business. I currently own a 2006 Ford Explorer 4X4 and a 2007 ZX4 Ford Focus. Additionally, I co-signed on my sister-in-law's 2002 Ford Taurus. My wife and I always encourage our friends and family members to look at Ford vehicles. I'm not saying that I've never considered GM or import vehicles, but I like what Ford has to offer. I owned a 2001 Z24 Chevy Cavalier for several years. The car ran wonderfully. However, I traded it in for the Explorer in June 2006. Overall, I feel Ford and GM have done a wonderful job narrowing the gap in terms of quality with imports. Additionally, I like the fact they offer the 100,000 mile warranty.

I did not want to get the Focus initially. I rented them from a local car rental dealership in the past, but wasn't impressed. However, I've really grown to like my current 2007 Focus since I've been driving it on a daily basis. It has a sportier look and feel then I originally thought. I signed up for an account at Focus Fanatics and participate in consumer discussion frequently. You can find my messages under the alias of MisterDork.

Some other companies that I would like to see contact me are Pepsi and Verizon Wireless. I want to know how long it will take them to contact me. I've already blogged about a positive experience that I had with Pepsi. I haven't blogged that much about Verizon, but I do prefer them over Sprint. My calls do not cut out as much. Also, I like the fact that I can speak with someone who understands the English language. My wife and I have encouraged several of our friends to go with Verizon instead of Sprint.

I have made myself known to Ford, Pepsi and Verizon Wireless. Will they make an attempt to contact me? I'm one of their biggest supporters. I own multiple Ford vehicles and frequently encourage others to look into driving a Ford versus its competition. I blog about Ford online with other Ford enthusiasts and owners. Additionally, I drink Pepsi and prefer Verizon over Sprint. Hopefully, I will be contacted in future. Kevin doesn't feel he will be contacted anytime soon. Likewise, I don't think I will be reached in the near future. There are over 55 million blogs. Therefore, it may take Ford, Pepsi and Verizon a while to find me but I will be waiting.

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sandman said...

I actually owned one of these Merkur XR4Ti too, white, single wing version. Bought it new for $14,500 in 1989. I think it was a leftover 88. Drove the snot out of it for several years and enjoyed it very much, had some minor Merkur oxygen sensor though it was easily fixed and considering its a 20 years old design, it still looks pretty decent. Aged better than most cars on the market...